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Every feature you'll need to run a successful affiliate program for your WooCommerce store

In tech terms, Solid Affiliate is a fully-featured, best-in-class affiliate plugin. We have a full list of the plugin features, but we'd rather you download the free trial to see it in action on your store for the full experience.

Work with unlimited affiliates worldwide

Onboard affiliates with a custom registration form, share creatives, and manage all notifications.
  • Unlimited affiliates, referrals, visits.. 
  • Convert your existing customers into affiliates
  • Automate all tasks with the affiliate portal.

Adjust commissions to suit your exact business needs

Set affiliate commission rates that benefit everyone involved to increase conversions and attract high-performing affiliates.
  • Flexible commission rates : per affiliate, product, category, group, and more.
  • Detailed insights on commission calculations with every WooCommerce order
  • Exclude products, categories, etc
"Solid Affiliate brings immediate value to any store. You can increase revenue from the first week of use. It's a no-brainer for WooCommerce businesses"
— Louis Reingold, Breakdance

Tracking system that simply works

Custom affiliate links, personalized landing pages, and affiliate coupons. Easily track your affiliates' performance.
  • Robust URL tracking, custom slugs, cookie duration and more.
  • Assign a page or a post to an affiliate
  • Auto-generate coupons for approved affiliates, apply coupons with links.

Securely pay affiliate commissions

Effortlessly pay your affiliates their earnings directly from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Fraud protection 
  • Automated PayPal payouts, manual payouts, store credits.
  • Powerful filters : Pay a group of affiliates, a specific affiliate
"The customization options for referral rates and automatic payments via PayPal have greatly simplified my work."
— Michaël Kihl, SchoolsWP