This page serves to provide information on how to conditionally prevent AnalyticsWP from tracking any data.

The only necessary step is to prevent the loading of the analyticswp.js script located by default at where serves as a placeholder for purposes of illustration.

Make sure to replace this value with your domain, and ensure the script is being loaded from this url. Depending on your hosting provider or any caching or performance solutions/plugins you might be using, the url could differ.

The simplest way to block this script is by using a free consent plugin such as, but not limited to, complianz

If using complianz, simply follow these steps:

1) Install and configure complianz to meet your businesses’s consent needs.

2) Add the AnalyticsWP script to the list of scripts that is blocked when consent is not provided by the user. (see screenshot below)

Please note that the complianz plugin is subject to change, and we have no control over this plugin. If you run into any issues, please reach out to their support.

Alternatively, you can also dequeue the AnalyticsWP script via PHP added to your functions.php file or via any free and popular code snippets plugin. You can do this with a call to the WordPress dequeue_script function using the handle “analyticswp”.