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Aromergy, a distinguished presence in aromatherapy and wellness, has made a significant mark by offering a range of therapeutic essential oil blends and aromatherapy products. Based in Germany and powered by WooCommerce, their products, including the famous ätherischen Ölmischungen (essential oil blends), stand out for their purity and effectiveness. Sourced from the finest regions and embracing fair trade practices, Aromergy ensures each oil, like their renowned French Lavender and Indian Sandalwood, embodies the highest quality and healing properties. Kandria is deeply passionate about her products, customers, and business – taking the time to research and make intentional decisions on which plugins to buy and use.

Alongside their product range, Aromergy offers the unique AromErgy® Massage-Onlineschulung, an online training course teaching a holistic energy treatment technique using their essential oil blends. This popular course, open to both professionals and enthusiasts, emphasizes the healing power of these blends, demonstrating their effectiveness in improving well-being on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. Solid Affiliate is prolific around course creators; at the time of this writing online-course businesses make up nearly 25% of our customer base.

Kandria Jupiter, the owner and a seasoned expert in aromatherapy, has been a pivotal figure in Aromergy’s journey. With over two decades of experience in essential oil blends, her expertise, and dedication to enhancing life quality through her products and teachings are evident.

Aromergy has successfully harnessed the power of Solid Affiliate to expand their WooCommerce business, seamlessly integrating it into their digital platform.

Solid Affiliate has been profitable for Aromergy, allowing them to efficiently manage their affiliate marketing strategies. This integration into their WooCommerce platform has streamlined their process, making generating shareable links and coupons effortless. As Kandria Jupiter states, “I love working with it“, acknowledging the organized structure and excellent customer service Solid Affiliate provides, adding, “I can totally recommend Solid Affiliate!!

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“I trusted my intuition when I chose Solid Affiliate and I didn’t regret it! It’s very well organized and structured and I love working with it. Also, Customer Service is amazing. They are very helpful and respond very fast. I can totally recommend Solid Affiliate!!“”
Kandria Jupiter
Kandria Jupiter


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