This success story features CBDDY, a thriving specialist in quality cannabis products. This store is built on top of WooCommerce to power its e-commerce and Solid Affiliate to power its affiliate/partner program.

As a business prioritizing customer satisfaction and product quality, CBDDY found a perfect match in Solid Affiliate. “Solid affiliate has helped CBDDY to increase monthly revenue by 65% over the course of a year,” says Chris Eoff, Founder and CEO. This growth is a testament to the value of our plugin when installed on a quality WooCommerce business site and a testament to the team behind CBDDY.

Utilizing Solid Affiliate, CBDDY has streamlined its affiliate marketing processes and cultivated a more robust, more reliable network of partners and customers. Solid Affiliate played a role in their impressive revenue growth and market presence.

The endorsement by CBDDY’s founder reflects the plugin’s reliability and cost-effectiveness. “I’ve used several other affiliate programs… I’m happy to say I’ve not once had to raise a support ticket with Solid Affiliate,” mentions Eoff. Such efficiency is pivotal for businesses looking to grow without the hassle of technical difficulties or prolonged downtime.

CBDDY’s experience indicates how WooCommerce businesses, irrespective of their industry, can benefit from Solid Affiliate. Our plugin’s ability to adapt to different business needs while providing a stable and user-friendly platform is a game-changer for businesses looking to expand their reach and efficiency.

We hope you find this case study a shining example of how tools like Solid Affiliate can significantly elevate an already successful WooCommerce-powered business. Thanks, Chris and the rest of the team…we’re proud to call you one of our customers!