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Enhancing eCommerce with Solid Affiliate: A PROCRAWLER® Success Story

PROCRAWLER® exemplifies a forward-thinking eCommerce business, leveraging the Solid Affiliate plugin to expand its reach in the competitive world of WooCommerce businesses. Specializing in Pro LCG Scale Rock Crawlers, PROCRAWLER® has carved a niche for itself in the remote-controlled vehicle market. Their focus on high-quality, performance-oriented products like the Flatgekko™ C23 V2R LCG Crawler Chassis System and the Yuuki™ FS1 V1 LCG Chassis System demonstrates their commitment to delivering exceptional products for RC enthusiasts.

Their website showcases an array of innovative products, including the Grind™ 431 V2 LCG OD Transmission, known for its lightweight design, and the Grind™ 328 LCG OD Transmission, ideal for specific axle setups. PROCRAWLER®’s success is further highlighted by their impressive track record, with hundreds of podium finishes and a wealth of positive reviews from satisfied customers. Team PROCRAWLER®, comprised of European champions and local heroes, embodies the brand’s spirit and dedication to excellence.

Solid Affiliate has been instrumental in PROCRAWLER®’s growth, providing an efficient and seamless integration with WooCommerce. This has enabled them to effectively manage their Brand Ambassador program, as noted by Pierre Silva, Founder/CEO. He emphasizes, “Solid Affiliate was the only affiliate platform that was able to serve our needs straight out of the box.” With Solid Affiliate, PROCRAWLER® set up their affiliate program in under an hour, enhancing their brand identity and streamlining their marketing efforts.

This case study underscores the versatility and effectiveness of Solid Affiliate in boosting WooCommerce businesses, regardless of industry. PROCRAWLER®’s journey with Solid Affiliate serves as a testament to the plugin’s capability to cater to diverse needs and drive growth in the dynamic world of eCommerce.

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“We have tried all major affiliate plugins before establishing our Brand Ambassador program for @PROCRAWLER®. Actually all of those missed something that was essential for us. Solid Affiliate was the only affiliate platform that was able to serve our needs straight out of the box. Setting up our program took 37mins with customizing the content of the email notification copies and some easy custom CSS touches to comply our brand identity. Highly recommended if want to avoid the hassle.””
Pierre Silva
Pierre Silva

Founder / CEO

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