How does Solid Affiliate compare?

In this comparison page, we’ll focus specifically on the advantages of using Solid Affiliate over our competitors.

License & Updates Solid Affiliate AffiliateWP Ultimate Affiliate Pro
Pricing Plans (Pro) $149 one-time $299 yearly $149 one-time
One-time purchase
Free Lifetime Support
Free Lifetime Updates
# of Sites Per License Unlimited 10 1
GPL License
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Ease-of-use Solid Affiliate AffiliateWP Ultimate Affiliate Pro
WordPress UI
Plugin Documentation
Installation Wizard
Admin notifications
All features included
Solid Affiliate is a native WordPress plugin that’s 100% focused on creating an affiliate program for WooCommerce stores. The advantage of this singular focus is that every feature and interface choice in Solid Affiliate is focused on WooCommerce, which creates a stronger integration and gives you more flexibility.

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Core Functionality Solid Affiliate AffiliateWP Ultimate Affiliate Pro
Unlimited Affiliates
Visit tracking
Coupon tracking
Dedicated Affiliate Portal
Payments due notifications
Refund protection
One thing that really differentiates Solid Affiliate from the competition is just how easy it is to get started with. The plugin includes a setup wizard which shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete. Most steps are as easy as clicking a button.

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Integration Included Solid Affiliate AffiliateWP Ultimate Affiliate Pro
WooCommerce Subscriptions
PayPal Payouts
In a nutshell, Solid Affiliate is an excellent tool for launching a WooCommerce affiliate program. During my testing, I found all its functions to work properly…In terms of pricing, Solid Affiliate is a lot more affordable than other affiliate plugins.

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Payouts & reports Solid Affiliate AffiliateWP Ultimate Affiliate Pro
Manual payouts
Mass Payouts
Sales Reports
PayPal Invoice Integration
Individual Affiliate Reports
Solid Affiliate has been designed to help you effortlessly manage your affiliate programs and payouts by allowing you to customize and automate several key factors like affiliate approvals, referral rates, commissions, referral link generation, email newsletters, affiliate payouts, and a lot more.

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Miscellaneous Solid Affiliate AffiliateWP Ultimate Affiliate Pro
Export Data
Email notifications
Custom terms Of Use
Net-revenue per affiliate calculations
Commission calculation logging
Refund Grace Period Support

Lifetime support. Lifetime updates. Pay once.