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Solid Affiliate is deeply integrated with WooCommerce.

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WooCommerce Integration

Solid Affiliate integrates with WooCommerce out of the box.

WooCommerce Subscriptions

Solid Affiliate integrates with WooCommerce Subscriptions out of the box.

Subscription Renewal Commissions

Award commissions for subscription signups and recurring renewals. You can set one commission rate for the initial signup, and another for renewals.

Product Specific Commission Rates

Override your site wide commission rate for any individual products.

Coupon Tracking​

Link your WooCommerce coupons to Affiliates so that whenever a coupon is redeemed, the corresponding Affiliate gets rewarded the commission.

Complex Order Support

The commission rate will be calculated individually for each product in a single cart purchase.

WooCommerce UI

Solid Affiliate adds a tab to WooCommerce Products and Coupons so you can configure affiliate settings right from WooCommerce.

Order Notes

Solid Affiliate adds order notes right into WooCommerce. For example "This order was referred by an affiliate".

Solid Affiliate is designed from the ground up to work with WooCommerce.

A native WooCommerce Integration

Solid Affiliate focuses on making the best WooCommerce affiliate plugin – it’s the only eCommerce system we support.

Support for WooCommerce Subscriptions

If you’re selling subscriptions using WooCommerce Subscriptions and want to add an affiliate or referral program, then you should use Solid Affiliate.

It comes integrated with WooCommerce Subscriptions out of the box.

Highly accurate data

See exactly how the commission was calculated for an order, even orders with dozens of items following different commission rates.

Affiliate Coupon Tracking

Solid Affiliate supports WooCommerce coupons. Simply link a coupon to an affiliate.

Anytime the coupon is redeemed, the connected affiliate is awarded a referral, as if the customer had used a referral URL.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can also contact us, we’ll be happy to help.​

Can I award commissions for subscriptions?

Yes, Solid Affiliate comes with built-in support for WooCommerce Subscriptions. You can set a commission rate for the initial subscription purchase, and a different rate for subsequent renewals.

How do I change the commission rate for a specific affiliate?

You can configure all commission rates from one easy-to-use page with Solid Affiliate: the Commission Rates tool in the plugin admin menu.

Can I exclude products from my affiliate program?

Yes. You can select products to exclude, and configure commission rules for individual products.

How does shipping and tax affect commissions?

You can configure how Solid Affiliate handles shipping and taxes when calculating commissions. Read more in commission settings.

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