Paypal integration

Effortlessly and instantly pay your affiliates their earnings with PayPal.

Out-of-the-box integration.
No add-on required.

Built-in integration

Solid Affiliate comes with a PayPal integration built-in. Connect your PayPal Business account and automate payouts.​

Automatic Payouts

You can pay your affiliates with just a few clicks, directly from your WordPress dashboard with 0% additional fees.

Detailed Historical Records

Keep track of all commission calculations and invoices and see exactly how the commission was calculated for an order.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can also contact us, we’ll be happy to help.​

Does Solid Affiliate charge any transacation fees?

Solid Affiliate does not charge any transaction fees when using its PayPal Payouts integration. You only pay PayPal their fee.

Can I track invoices and detailed records?

All payout records and historical logs are kept track of in Solid Affiliate. If you connect to PayPal, the records will include direct links to the PayPal invoices.

Does Solid Affiliate provide a refund protection?

Solid Affiliate will protect you and your affiliates from refund debacles: paying commission on purchases that get refunded later. Solid Affiliate is aware of your store’s refund policy, and will auto-reject refunded referrals.

What If I don't want to use Paypal?

You can export the payout data into any other payment or accounting tool. Learn how you can pay affiliates using Solid Affiliate plugin.