Your last chance to...

Purchase a lifetime license

Since our launch in August 2020, Solid Affiliate has offered a lifetime license which includes all features, unlimited updates and support. Sometime later this year we will switch to exclusively offering monthly subscription plans.

We may remove the lifetime licenses any day now, and this page is likely the final “warning” about this switch.

This will have no effect on existing customers or anyone who purchases a lifetime license while they are still available.

Why are we moving away from lifetime licenses?

Solid Affiliate is a natural fit for monthly subscriptions: it’s a plugin that makes you money, constantly.

Not in a fluffy, hard-to-pin-down way….but in a very direct way. You see in your dashboard exactly how much money is coming in through Solid Affiliate:

"Yes, we're happy to pay for Solid Affiliate"

The low-commitment nature of a monthly subscription makes it easy and stress-free for companies to install Solid Affiliate. And, once they see – with their own eyes – the continuous stream of affiliate revenue coming in, our customers are “happy” to keep paying to support the development of the plugin.

Solid Affiliate has matured faster than we could have ever imagined. As of this writing, thousands of WooCommerce stores in 91 countries have purchased, installed, and grown revenue with our plugin. Every decision we make is for the betterment of our customers (I won’t claim that we’re not selfish…I just deeply believe that if you’re all happy, we’ll do very well). And I believe this change will benefit all of you for years to come.

Please rest assured that all existing users with lifetime licenses will continue enjoying product updates and our stellar support without interruption.

Thank you!

Mike Holubowski
Founder, Solid Affiliate
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