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Recently released

Store Credit

Pay affiliate commissions with Store Credit for their referrals.

Lifetime Commissions

Allows affiliates to refer a customer and continue earning commissions for any purchase the customer makes, even after the first one.

Affiliate Registration Form Builder

Better Affiliate Registration form functionality, including the ability to further customize the affiliate form.


Developer Actions & Filters

Enable developers to create custom functionality by exposing and documenting actions and filters.


Direct/Domain Link Tracking

Allows affiliates to link directly to your site without using an affiliate link, making it much less likely to know they are clicking on an a link that is attributed to an affiliate.

Generalized Event Tracking

Track various events that occur on your site, such as a form submission, and attribute them to your affiliates.

E-Commerce Platforms

Support for more E-Commerce platforms such as GetPaid, Easy Digital Downloads, Restrict Content Pro, etc.