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You guys rock with your business! really! Your support is supreme! I have bought hundreds of plugins in these 10 years with our store, and we never experienced this quality in support, congratulations on your business and for your way of doing it.
Ana Lopez
Customer of Solid Affiliate for
I am super picky when it comes to the software and plugins I know our business will depend upon. That's exactly why I ultimately went with Solid Affiliate. It's obvious the developers are very passionate about offering 'best in class' for affiliate plugins. Solid Affiliate has a feature set that, as of this writing, no other plugin I found offers (yes, I studied a ton of them!) - custom coupons and lifetime commissions just to name a couple. This plugin is well-coded and runs smoothly. The other critical thing is that their support team is very responsive and listens to suggestions.
Brian Andrews
President at EFX Sports
Your plugin is great. I've tried many other affiliate plugins, but you did it right. When I evaluate a plugin, I care about all of the details as a developer myself (Python). UI, configuration options, workflow, etc. You guys nailed it and I had to let you know.
Tom K.
Customer of Solid Affiliate
Seriously, great service! You have been great on support and the plugin works really well!
Gareth Foster
Owner of
Fantastic Plugin, Fantastic Support Team. I missed the lifetime license by a few hours due to some banking issues from my end so I sent an email to the team and got a link to get the lifetime license in a matter of minutes. By all comparisons, Solid Affiliate beats all other plugins in the market and the topping on the cake is their responsive support team. I recommend them any day.
Seth Oyinloye
Customer of Solid Affiliate
If you are looking for the best Woocommerce Affiliate Plugin, look no further than Solid Affiliate. Once installed, it is effortless to set up and use. We were able to get staff trained on it with minimal effort, unlike other affiliate programs that are difficult to navigate and understand. We were able to migrate all of our existing affiliates easily, and they love the real-time affiliate reports, which help keep them motivated. Easily upload affiliate creatives, set commission rates by affiliate or product, handle affiliate payments with PayPal or manually, and view referral reports. In addition to that, support is top-notch. I highly recommend Solid Affiliate!
Kimberly Arslan
Internet Marketing Manager at Pure & Secure, LLC
I love the beautiful design your system brings and the features it offers. Unlike some brands, your name is totally suitable for your product, because it is SOLID. Your system is not only an excellent tool for bringing in sales but for link-building as well. I also love the fact that you are actively making it more awesome. A+
Goran Rista
Owner of
SolidAffiliate has filled the gap by providing an affordable solution to make affiliate marketing and tracking easier.
Kulwant Nagi
Founder at
Overall, Solid Affiliate is an excellent plugin for integrating an affiliate program with Woocommerce. I like its features, accurate commission tracking, multiple reports, creative assets, payouts management, etc.
Ramiro Garcia
WordPress Expert at WP Basic Pro
Solid Affiliate is just the best affiliate plugin for Woocommerce. It is beautiful, easy to use, just works, and no stress is priceless. The customer support is creasy fast. Used it before purchase, and after to share some ideas.
Bruno G.
Customer of Solid Affiliate
This plugin is easy to use and customize. The customer service is outstanding. Everything you need to run an affiliate program is built right in. Highly recommend.
Amie Burkholder
CEO/Founder at BronzedBerry
Great affiliate plugin which is an alternative to AffliateWP. It provides all the important features to run an affiliate platform through WordPress at a great affordable price.
Alston Antony
Solid Affiliate has been exceptional and keeps on improving. This is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to boost their business.
Luke Hsu
Founder at
Awesome features 🙂 This plugin shapes up to be the best investment in the affiliate category. And from experience, I can say that the support team is very responsive and answers questions/requests in a quick fashion. Can't wait to see what other awesome features we are going to get in the future. Keep up the amazing work you are doing 👏👏
Shay Rosenfeld
Broker at Trust the Brokers
Great plugin! It's gonna make things easier to set up when we'll be working with hundreds of affiliates Cheers guys!
John R.
Customer of Solid Affiliate
Hello, Solid Affiliate Team! I AM IN LOVE with your Affiliate Plugin! I purchased this week and just had to tell you how pleased I am with that decision. This is an amazing tool!
Christopher Leonard
Founder at OMG Media Partners
Awesome plugin! I loved it just by the first usage - everything is extremely simple and easy to use. Also, it doesn't seem to slow down the page, which is extremely good! Absolutely would recommend for everyone who needs affiliates on their website.
Patryk Rajm
Designer at
When I see software taking good care and pushing updates, I like it and I express this by saying "kool". Keep up the good work guys.
Noureddine H.
Customer of Solid Affiliate
Feature-rich, intuitive, well supported, and integrated software to perfectly take care of our beloved promoters without breaking the bank. Thanks Solid Affiliate, I highly appreciate your effort!
Wilhelm Mitschev
Owner at
Outstanding/Excellent support service!
Owner at
Fast reply, easy to communicate...Thank you so much for the support so far (:
Eimke J.
Customer of Solid Affiliate at
Hi, Solid Affiliate! Your support is really awesome. Very fast. Keep up the good work.
Trong Lang Nguyen
Customer of Solid Affiliate at Collybus
Support is fast and informative. Very helpful and direct. 2 thumbs up.
Customer of Solid Affiliate
Thank you! Your support went above and beyond. I really appreciate it!
Alison O'Donnell
Customer of Solid Affiliate
Support was very quick and they thoroughly answered the question I had.
Customer of Solid Affiliate
I'm grateful that a thorough and accurate response was given. I feel reassured that in the future, my questions will be answered in full and if I find myself too busy to research myself that I can trust that your team won't let me down. Thank you so much!
Brittany Bee
Owner at
The features of Solid Affiliate do everything I need to. Seems to be the best value for the money and researched it pretty well. Sold!
Joel Wright
Owner at
Thank you for your help. I always receive excellent support with this product.
Alison O'Donnell
Customer of Solid Affiliate at
Thanks for answering my questions quickly and understandably! Looking forward to working together.
Steve Smith
Owner at
This guy [an engineer at Solid Affiliate] is amazing. I requested a feature and they made it in a couple of days!
Isaiah Kohl
Customer of Solid Affiliate
The Solid Affiliate team support is excellent!
Bob Whitson
Owner at
Very quick and perfect support answer! Thank you!
Ivan Van der Tuuk
Owner at
As always Solid Affiliate is timely and accurate in their responses to questions! Thank you!
Timothy C Roberts
Solid Affiliate customer at
Spectacular customer service. I appreciate you taking my integration suggestion into consideration. I wish you tremendous success with your business and look forward to implementing an affiliate strategy with Solid Affiliate!
Alex Martenson
Customer of Solid Affiliate
Thanks for your very fast support!!!
Bruno Garnier
Customer of Solid Affiliate
Support has been Very helpful!
Corey Passage
Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Senior Manager at Pivot Point International
Always so friendly and patient. I really appreciate it!
Evingerlean D. B. Hudson, Ph.D.
Founder and Chief Strategist at Evingerlean Worldwide
Prompt and thorough support response.
Jodi Fisher
Founder of Go Guarded
Thank you for the quick & helpful response!
Stichler Tobias
Customer of Solid Affiliate
Nice, fast, and professional support response. Thank you.
Keld Sørensen
Customer at
Super effective. Don't waste your time with monthly plans or looking for better options. Get the lifetime plan of Solid Affiliates and you are all good. I have searched over the internet to find the perfect plugin to run an affiliate program in WooCommerce. The free one's GUI is so bad, no one would actually love using it. The other ones are paid on a monthly basis. This all changed when I saw Solid Affiliate. Their GUI is so good and integrations are so simple that absolute beginners can use them.
Customer at Zaarm Tech
Super easy to set up and run. The support team was so helpful with everything I asked. The affiliate user dashboard is so impressive and easy to use. I am happy to be part of the Solid Affiliate community.😊
Ravi Bhalani
Customer at BizLife
I trusted my intuition when I chose Solid Affiliate and I didn't regret it! It's very well organized and structured and I love working with it. Also, Customer Service is amazing. They are very helpful and respond very fast. I can totally recommend Solid Affiliate!!
Kandria Jupiter
Customer at Aromergy
Excellent plugin, excellent support. The plugin works straight out of the box, is easy to configure, and makes running an affiliate program so easy. The support has been fast and responsive. Mike and the team are amazing and you can tell that they really care about putting in the effort to make a quality product. Credit where credit is due.
Timothy Liang
Customer at Kawaii Therapy
Amazing, simply amazing. Set it up and started onboarding new affiliates to our new site. That same day (few hours after onboarding) they already had generated sales!
Joshua Miller
Owner, MMGI
It's really clearly laid out, great user interface, really impressed with how good this is.
Dave Swift
Founder at Profitable Tools
It's very easy to set up using the setup wizard...Everything is easy to use. The setup was simple, changing any settings was simple as well.
Phil Wilson
Affiliate Marketing Expert, Founder at Legit Marketing Reviews
Solid Affiliate will help you generate more revenue with little effort on your end, and provide additional value for your customers.
Delon Anthony
Founder at Saas Pirate
This plugin offers out-of-the-box integration, which makes the setup super easy. As soon as you activate it, you can simply start tracking sales.
Lokesh Kapoor
Co-Founder at Droid Crunch
Solid Affiliate has been designed to help you effortlessly manage your affiliate programs and payouts by allowing you to customize and automate several key factors like affiliate approvals, referral rates, commissions, referral link generation, email newsletters, affiliate payouts, and a lot more.
Andy Thompson
Product Expert at
In a nutshell, Solid Affiliate is an excellent tool for launching a WooCommerce affiliate program. During my testing, I found all its functions to work properly...In terms of pricing, Solid Affiliate is a lot more affordable than other affiliate plugins.
WP Lift
WordPress Experts at
One thing that really differentiates Solid Affiliate from the competition is just how easy it is to get started with. The plugin includes a setup wizard which shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete. Most steps are as easy as clicking a button.
Brenda Barron
WordPress Expert at WP Explorer
Solid Affiliate is a native WordPress plugin that’s 100% focused on creating an affiliate program for WooCommerce stores. The advantage of this singular focus is that every feature and interface choice in Solid Affiliate is focused on WooCommerce, which creates a stronger integration and gives you more flexibility.
Colin Newcomer
WordPress Expert at WP Mayor
Super helpful support. The best I ever experienced. And the product is awesome. I highly recommend Solid Affiliate. I love all the features as do my affiliates.
Tony Pallotta
Owner of UpEarlyDesigns
Great plugin and does exactly what it promises and it does it very well. Super easy to set up and run. Great support, very responsive, and somehow feels personal. We’ve tried AffiliateWP about a year ago, but canceled it and gave up on affiliate programs completely. Not saying Affiliate WP is bad, we just don’t have time to figure it out and get it going. So if you want a great affiliate plugin fast, Solid is a great choice.
Bulat Gazizoff
Marketing Director at Gazizoff Digital™
Great company and simple to use product.
Seth Perruzza
Entrepreneur and Scholar at University of Toronto at Scarborough
The support team was so helpful with everything I asked. It's a very great product with super value .. wish all the best for the team.
Mohamed Hussein
Digital Entrepreneur
Super easy to use and amazing support, highly recommended. A+
CALX Agency
Great product, I am looking forward to its use. I swapped few mails with the creator, he was helpful and I will definitely support them.
Marek Jakubčík
Freelancer, Frontend Web Developer at Digital
Great product, fast support. Solid Affiliate is an excellent plugin for integrating an affiliate program with Woocommerce. I like its features, including accurate commission tracking, multiple reports, creative assets, payouts management, and more, all working perfectly.
Owner of
Complete affiliate solution for Woocommerce I've used the complete plugin, and it has everything you would expect from a high-quality affiliate plugin but is much better organized (superb UX). I like that they have a roadmap and feature request page on their site, making it clear that they are concerned with continuous improvement. Solid Affiliate is a great choice if you're looking to improve/start your affiliate program.
David Suescun
Co-Founder at Herbivore Protein & Synergetic SAS
Super plugin et super support. Le rapport qualité-prix est juste excellent ! Merci !
Ricardo Da Silva
10 out of 10. One of my best investments of 2021. Yes. Solid Affiliate has given me the best solution for my WooCommerce affiliate program. It is really easy to implement and full of all the required features. The support team has guided me every time, instantly, for my queries. Pricing is also well affordable. No looking back. All the best to Team Solid Affiliate.
Juned Mohammed
One of the best support I have seen online. The plugin is so easy to use and it gives you features that you get only if you pay hundreds of dollars per year. But what is the best for me is the help I got from Solid Affiliate support. I can say they have one of the fastest and most effective support I have seen online.
Andreas Ntritsos
Chief Executive Officer at Business Testing Center
Amazing support, Would recommend to everyone!
Roelien Meijer
Eco Nutty
The fact that Solid Affiliate includes the WooCommerce and PayPal integrations makes it stand out amongst the competition. Other plugins use add-ons or third-party integrations.
Greg Swanson
CEO at Swanson Capital
I was worried about the setup process because I’m not very technical. Fortunately, the setup wizard was really well done! Outlined exactly what I needed to do in a crystal clear manner, and I got everything set up in around 5 mins or so.
Daniel Levi
Founder of ShiningStar
The Solid Affiliate team always provides professional support. I’m confident that they’ll always respond thoughtfully.
Gabe Banciu
Founder of SubQuery
Every page of the Solid Affiliate plugin is super clear and straightforward to use. It’s intuitive and easy to navigate.
Peter Fettis
Founder of Mindwave Health

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