Dear developers and businesses of Ukraine and Poland

Solid Affiliate is now free for the first year for all developers and businesses operating in Ukraine and Poland. 

…if you are a developer of a business using WordPress and operate in Ukraine or Poland then we’d like to offer you our product free for the first year.

Why are we doing this?

Because we can, because of common sense, and because I (the founder of this small internet company) have countless family members and friends across Ukraine and Poland. My childhood memories of these regions compel me to help.

My understanding of the strength and competence of the people of these countries only increases as I grow older and see more of the world.

Ukraine, and its refugee-accepting-neighbor Poland, should be helped in any and every way, no matter how small.

If I owned I would send you fighter jets. But I don’t, I own so I’m offering you our software and our support.

Our WordPress plugin must be the last thing on your mind this week. Still, if this helps even one person in some tiny way it will be worth it. And it very well might, given how creative and effective you are. God Bless.

What is Solid Affiliate?

Solid Affiliate is a WordPress plugin used by businesses to add an affiliate program to their store. It’s really good, in my opinion, and in our customers’ opinions. It’s used by businesses all over the world. And now it’s free for the first year for all businesses and developers in Ukraine and Poland.

How to get Solid Affiliate:

  1. Send us an email to with the subject line Ukraine.
  2. Include the email address + company/developer which will be used to redeem a discounted license.
  3. If it isn’t obvious from your email domain, please include some evidence of operation in Ukraine or Poland.

If there is some other way we can help, or if you have anything else on your mind, please include that in the email as well.

I will read and respond to every email.

– Mike Holubowski, Founder of Solid Affiliate


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