We’re thrilled to announce that our latest update, released on November 10th, 2022, supercharges the affiliate portals, making the experience faster and more seamless for affiliates and administrators. With major speed improvements, the portals will load instantly when navigating between sections, offering a modern and efficient user experience.

In addition to improved speed, we’ve made significant enhancements to our translations, adding multiple languages and over 300 translated sentences/words to each of our existing supported languages. This means that affiliates from all over the world can now use our plugin with ease.

We’ve also added “referred by an affiliate” icons and tooltips to the WooCommerce > Orders table, making it easy for administrators to see which orders were referred by affiliates. And for sites with caching enabled, the affiliate registration process has been improved, eliminating a setup step for most new users.

Under the hood, we’ve made substantial performance improvements to the entire plugin, thanks to a more intelligent Settings module. Additionally, the order of referrals in the Affiliate Portals has been reversed, and the randomly generated codes for the Auto Create Affiliate Coupons functionality have been shortened from 8 to 4 characters.

Our team is proud to deliver these exciting updates, and we hope they will help to further build trust among our users’ affiliates. Thank you to all of our customers who beta tested this version. We’re always working to make Solid Affiliate the best affiliate plugin out there, and we can’t wait for you to try these new features for yourself!