Solid Affiliate is pleased to feature BronzedBerry, a company excelling in sunless tanning with the help of our affiliate marketing tools. Under the guidance of CEO and Founder Amie Burkholder, BronzedBerry champions natural beauty and confidence, committed to celebrating mature women over 40 as the epitome of beauty, and challenging industry norms of showcasing their tanning products with young bikini models.

BronzedBerry’s journey began from a personal story and has grown into a business with a significant impact. Starting from a garage, the company now operates a full-scale studio, manufactures its line of sunless products, and has trained over 300 artists.

BronzedBerry has effectively utilized Solid Affiliate for its growth. As Amie Burkholder notes, “I’ve been using Solid Affiliate for over 2 years. It was easy to install, configure and explain to affiliates.” Our tools have supported their expansion and outreach efforts, and we’re proud to have helped this fantastic business grow.

Using Solid Affiliate, BronzedBerry successfully engaged UGC (User Generated Content) creators, offering them tools like coupon codes and links to track the success of marketing campaigns. This demonstrates the versatility and adaptability of Solid Affiliate’s platform.

As a WooCommerce business, Solid Affiliate integrated seamlessly with BronzedBerry’s existing workflow. Our plugin caters to all industries, to businesses large and small, allowing any WooCommerce business to leverage affiliate marketing effectively.

We hope that BronzedBerry’s experience with Solid Affiliate underscores the value and efficiency of our solutions in boosting business growth and market reach. We are dedicated to helping more WooCommerce businesses leverage strategic affiliate marketing for their success. Thanks for reading!