Solid Affiliate includes every feature you'll need to run a successful affiliate program for your online store. If you are using WooCommerce, it will just work on your site — it's kind of like magic, but with a touch of pure genius.
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Effortless setup

Solid Affiliate automatically detects WooCommerce on your store and sets everything up for you. Once you finish the setup wizard, you're all set for your affiliates."
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Jumpstart your affiliate program by allowing your existing users to promote your store.
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Seamless integrations

Solid Affiliate connects automatically and works seamlessly with WooCommerce. No extra add-ons required.

Quick setup

The plugin ships with a 4-step setup wizard to get your affiliate program up and running in a matter of minutes.

Familiar interface

Designed and engineered to follow to the standard workflows and the user interface you are used to on WordPress.

Built-in addons

Every feature we offer, including add-ons, is packed into a single plugin file. No additional installs or fees to extend functionality.

Jumpstart your affiliate program 

With the setup wizard, you can start working with your current users or customers as soon as you install it.
"One thing that really differentiates Solid Affiliate from the competition is how easy it is to get started with."
— Brenda Barron, WP Explorer
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Affiliate management

Onboard affiliates with a custom registration form, share creatives, and manage all notifications.

Affiliate portal

Beautifully integrated portal for each affiliate to manage referrals, marketing assets, and payments.

Activity feed

Keep track of affiliate activity: Affiliate registrations, commissions, pending payouts, and more with an easy-to-follow timeline.

Drag & drop form builder

Solid Affiliate ships with a form builder to customize affiliate registration form to fit your needs.

Approve affiliate applications, or reject them

Affiliate registrations are set to pending until they're approved by an admin, ensuring high-quality affiliates.

Share marketing assets with your affiliates

Easily share marketing assets with affiliates, like banner ads and promotional videos.

Fully customizable emails — with dynamic tags

Automated notification emails for affiliate signups, welcome emails and new referrals are fully configurable and with a set of dynamic tags.

Organize your affiliates into groups and tags

Create groups and tags to assign custom rates to a group or execute actions specific to a particular group/tag.

Notifications in one place, No bouncing around

Easily track pending payouts and affiliate applications, with notifications and  visual indicators to quickly identify any required actions.

Work with the default WordPress user roles

Built upon the standard WordPress user roles for affiliates and tags. Very useful when working with automation/mailing plugins or creating custom flows.
"We were able to get staff trained on it with minimal effort, unlike other affiliate tools that are difficult to navigate and understand."
— Kimberly Arslan, Pure & Secure

Commission configuration

Set affiliate commission rates that benefit everyone involved to increase conversions and attract high-performing affiliates.
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Manage product specific affiliate commission rates.
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Commission amount
Disable referrals for this product

Per-affiliate/groups rates

Set customized commission rates for individual affiliates or for an entire affiliate group based on their performance or agreement terms.

Per-product rates

Set unique commission rates for individual products or exclude certain products from generating referrals altogether.

Per-variation rates

Differentiate commission rates for various product variations, such as sizes or colors within a product line.

Per-category rates

Apply distinct commission rates to entire product categories instead of specific products.

Affiliate product rates

Assign unique commission rates for specific affiliates on particular products.


Link products directly to affiliates without needing affiliate links. Ideal for rewarding affiliates for promoting specific products, such as in revenue split agreements.

Subscription renewals

Set special rates for subscription renewals, ensuring consistent earnings for recurring sales.

Lifetime commissions

Enable lifetime commissions so affiliates earn on all future purchases by their referred customers. Set specific rates for these lifetime commissions.

Exclude Tax/shipping from commissions

Exclude shipping fees and/or taxes from referral calculations to ensure commissions are based solely on product prices.
"The only solution built from the ground up for WooCommerce and includes all of its features in one plugin"
— Cloudways, by DigitalOcean
Default affiliate link
Copy link
Referral variable
Allow affiliates to create custom slugs

Affiliate links tracking

Set referral variable, customize slugs, and assign WordPress pages/posts to affiliates—all accessible for your affiliates from their portal.

Affiliate links generator

Affiliates can generate their own referral links from the affiliate portal with the built-in link generator. You also get to set the default affiliate link.

Define URL parameters

Customize the URL parameter used for generating affiliate links to ensure they match your brand or campaigns.

Manage custom slugs

Allow all affiliates (or a specific affiliate) to create and delete their own custom slugs.

Landing pages

Publish personalized landing pages that affiliates can promote directly, without needing an affiliate link.

Control cookie duration

Set the duration your affiliates can earn a commission after someone clicks their link, even if the purchase happens later.

Disable cookie tracking

Opt to use affiliate coupons exclusively for commission tracking and disable cookie tracking.
"I love the beautiful design. Excellent tool for bringing in sales but for link-building as well."
— Goran Rista, Gorangrooves

Affiliate coupons

Link new and existing WooCommerce coupons to affiliates for commission rewards; or auto-generate coupons automatically for approved affiliates.
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Link a coupon to an affiliate
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Tristan Allard (#24)
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Affiliate coupons

Link your WooCommerce coupons to Affiliates so that whenever a coupon is redeemed, the affiliate gets rewarded the commission.

Auto-generate coupons for approved affiliates

Automatically creates a WooCommerce coupon for approved affiliates.


Auto-apply affiliate coupons with links

Whenever someone uses an affiliate's link, if that affiliate has a linked coupon, It will be auto-applied to the cart.
"We were able to provide our affiliates with coupon codes, links and collateral for UGC campaigns. We then can track the impact of the campaigns to make decisions on advertising, marketing and product performance."
— Amie B., BronzedBerry
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This order was referred by Dave (#43) earning a commission of $97.75
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Prevent self-referrals

Fraud protection & Privacy

Protect your business from financial losses and safeguard your reputation by preventing fraud and enhancing privacy.

Grace period

Customize the duration before commissions are marked as ready for payout, aligning with your refund policy or other specific needs.

Refund protection

Automatically reject unpaid commissions when the original purchase is refunded, revoked or cancelled.

Self-referral control

Choose whether you want to prevent your affiliates generating referrals for their own purchases or not.

Log IP addresses

Choose whether to record and store IP addresses of visitors and customers making purchases through affiliate links.

Manage customer details

Decide if affiliates can see customer information in their portal or keep it private.

Spam protection

Add reCAPTCHA to the affiliate  registration form to stop spam and make sign-ups easier for those who matter, humans.
"Solid Affiliate has revolutionized my affiliate management, with simple installation and very effective real-time tracking." 
— Michaël Kihl, SchoolsWP

Affiliate payouts

Effortlessly pay your affiliates their earnings directly from your WordPress dashboard.
New payout
Pay affiliates the commissions they are owed.
Step 1
The referrals you want to include in this payout
Referrals older than 30 days
Referrals in custom range
All unpaid referrals
Step 2
Payout method
Manual payout
Store credits

Easy payouts from dashboard

Pay your affiliates with just a few clicks, directly from your WordPress dashboard with 0% additional fees.

Automated PayPal payouts

Solid Affiliate comes with a PayPal integration built-in. Connect your PayPal Business account and automate payouts.​

Manual payout option

Export a CSV of commission data ready and pre-formatted for import to any accounting or payments platform.

Offer store credits

Allow affiliates to be paid their commissions in store credit and then redeem their store credit during WooCommerce checkout.

Advanced payout filtering

Advanced filtering system to pay a group of affiliates, a specific affiliate, all approved unpaid commissions, and more.

Access payout history

Payout history is available within the pay affiliate tool. You can export transaction details at any time.
"PayPal integration makes it stand out amongst the competition. Other plugins use premium add-ons or 3rd-party integrations."
— Greg Swanson, Swanson Capital