Everything you need to run an affiliate program with WooCommerce

Manage, track and pay your affiliates from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard. Explore all the features that enable you to run a successful affiliate program.

Get your affiliate program up and running in 2 minutes flat

Installing Solid Affiliate takes two minutes, tops. You simply upload it as a plugin in WordPress dashboard, and then the built-in setup wizard does all the heavy lifting for you .

Out-of-the-box integration. Solid Affiliate connects automatically and works seamlessly with WooCommerce. No extra add-ons required.
Setup wizard

The plugin ships with a 4-step setup wizard to get your affiliate program up and running in a matter of minutes.

Intuitive interface

Designed and engineered to follow to the standard workflows on WordPress you are used to.

Automatic integration

Solid Affiliate automatically connects to WooCommerce and the WooCommerce Subscriptions add-on.

Successfully onboard affiliates to your program

Review and accept affiliate applications accept affiliate registrations through a form which Solid Affiliate adds to your site.
Customize the affiliate registration form that Solid Affiliate adds to your site using the drag & drop builder to collect the fields needed.
Upload creatives  and marketing assets with affiliates, like banner ads and promotional videos for your affiliates to share.
Stay on sync with notifications so that your team knows when affiliates sign up and affiliates know when they’ve earned commissions.
Application approval

Affiliate registrations are set to pending until they're approved by an admin, ensuring high-quality affiliates.

Affiliate portal

Beautifully integrated portal for each affiliate to manage referrals, marketing assets, and payments.

Affiliate links

Affiliates can generate their own referral links from the Affiliate Portal with the built-in referral link generator.

Affiliate coupons

Link your WooCommerce coupons to Affiliates so that whenever a coupon is redeemed, the corresponding Affiliate gets rewarded the commission.

Drag-and-drop form builder

Solid Affiliate ships with a form builder to customize affiliate registration form to fit your needs.

Shareable creatives

Easily share marketing assets with affiliates, like banner ads and promotional videos.

Customizable emails

Automated notification emails for affiliate signups, welcome emails and new referrals are fully configurable.

Affiliate user role

All WordPress users who register to be an affiliate will be assigned an affiliate user role to support and automate user-level permissions.

Total flexibility over your affiliate commission rates

Set affiliate commission rates that benefit everyone involved to increase conversions and attract high-performing affiliates.

If you are selling subscriptions, use recurring referrals to calculate affiliate commissions anytime a subscription payment is made on a membership that was referred by an active affiliate.

See exactly how the commission was calculated for an order, even orders with dozens of items following different commission rates.

Flexible commission rates

Solid Affiliate supports both simple and complex commission rates, including per-product and per-affiliate rates.

Commission overrides

Fine-grained control over your commission rates with an advanced overrides structure.

Lifetime commissions

Link a customer to an affiliate so that the affiliate receives commissions on all future purchases by the customer to who they originally referred.

Recurring referrals

Calculate affiliate commissions anytime a subscription payment is made on a membership that was referred by an active affiliate.


Reward an Affiliate for promoting and selling a specific product regardless of how the customers were referred to your site, such as a revenue split agreement.


Disable commission on specific products; and exclude tax and/or shipping costs from referral calculations.

Multi-item orders

Mix and match your commission rates freely, everything will be properly calculated and tracked for each item in the same order.

Effortlessly pay your affiliates their earnings directly from your WordPress dashboard

 Set your refund policy in Solid Affiliate so that you don’t pay commissions before the refund period is up.
Pay your affiliates with just a few clicks, directly from your WordPress dashboard with 0% additional fees.
Track all payout records and historical logs that are kept track of in Solid Affiliate.
Refund protection

Solid Affiliate will protect you and your affiliates from refund debacles: paying commission on purchases that get refunded later.

Automatic payouts

Solid Affiliate comes with a PayPal integration built-in. Connect your PayPal Business account and automate payouts.​

Manual payouts

Export a CSV of commission data ready and pre-formatted for import to any accounting or payments platform.

Store credit

Allow affiliates to be paid their commissions in store credit and then redeem their store credit during WooCommerce checkout.

Visualize the performance and trends of your affiliate program in one place.

Track your affiliate program’s performance in real-time with detailed reporting on the data behind your affiliates, referrals, payouts, and visits.
Identify affiliates that could help you drive sales and offer them more competitive referral rates.
Use the data export tool for manipulation of your affiliate program trends in other softwares.
Real-time reporting

Data within Solid Affiliate gets updated in real-time. The second something happens, you'll know.

Advanced filters

Solid Affiliate gives you both high-level overviews and details. Filter down by affiliate, date range, referral and more.

Intuitive charts

Visualize trends in your affiliate program so you can see what's working and what needs attention.

Historical records

Payout history is available within the pay affiliate tool. You can export transaction details at any time.

Extend Solid Affiliate with built-in addons

Affiliate landing pages

Publish personalized landing pages for your affiliates, which they can promote without using an affiliate link.

Auto-register new users as affiliates

Automatically create an affiliate account for all new users who register a user account.

Exclude payment gateway referrals

Exclude WooCommerce checkout selected payment gateway from generating referrals.

Store credits

Adds a store credit system to your store, including admin management, historical logs, email notifications, and more.

Auto-create coupons for your affiliates

Automatically creates a WooCommerce coupon for approved affiliates.

Data Export

Adds a data export tool that allows you to export your Solid Affiliate data in CSV format.

Looking for the best affiliate plugin for WooCommerce?

Solid Affiliate is available for download without any extra premium addons or hidden fees. We offer straightforward, all-inclusive pricing.