Didge Project, a unique and successful business specializing in teaching and selling instruments in the didgeridoo, handpan, world drumming and sound healing niche, has seamlessly integrated the Solid Affiliate plugin into their WooCommerce store. This move enhanced their business operations, enabling them to offer their range of quality products to a wider audience.

Specializing in various aspects of music and sound therapy, Didge Project’s offerings cater to diverse interests, from musicianship to world rhythms and therapeutic practices. Their unique focus on sound healing and educational resources positions them as a leader in their niche.

Didge Project’s expansion this year was organically boosted by their affiliate program, which they set up with Solid Affiliate. Establishing partnerships has been crucial in growing both sales and market visibility. As AJ Block, the Director, puts it quite plainly, “our partners bring customers to us, and we are able to easily pay commissions to our partners”. And that’s really it! That’s the core of Solid Affiliate, it’s not meant to overcomplicate anything. It’s built to solve a real problem and then stay out of your way. AJ also specifically pointed out Solid Affiliate’s lifetime commissions feature, which is currently giving their partners confidence in a long-term collaboration.

We hope that Didge Project’s success makes you confident that Solid Affiliate stands is a powerful tool for all WooCommerce businesses, regardless of size or industry. Its ease of installation and immediate functionality make it an ideal choice for any WooCommerce store seeking to grow through affiliate marketing. Upon installation, every existing customer automatically receives a shareable link and code, instantly transforming them into potential promoters of your business.

The benefits of Solid Affiliate extend beyond just referral traffic and sales; it also contributes significantly to a business’s online presence. As affiliates share their unique links across the web, they generate valuable SEO backlinks, enhancing the store’s search engine visibility and organic reach. This dual advantage of driving sales and improving SEO positions Solid Affiliate as an indispensable asset for WooCommerce businesses aiming for growth and a stronger online footprint.

In conclusion, Didge Project’s endorsement, “we are very happy with Solid Affiliate”, is a sentiment that can be shared by thousands of  WooCommerce business currently using our plugin to benefit from affiliate/referral marketing. Solid Affiliate’s adaptability and ease of use make it a fitting choice for a truly wide range of businesses.