Our team has been hard at work for the past month and we’re proud to announce that the much-requested Lifetime Commissions feature is finally here. The update also includes a range of performance improvements, advanced settings, and a greatly improved licensing system.

With the Lifetime Commissions feature, managing your affiliate program just got a whole lot easier. The built-in settings make it effortless to track and reward your affiliates for the lifetime of their referrals. And the best part? There are no additional add-ons necessary – it’s all built-in.

We’ve also made improvements to the performance of the manage your affiliates tables, allowing for a smoother experience. With the added settings to select which WooCommerce core order statuses should trigger a referral and which referral statuses to show your affiliates, you’ll have even more control over your program.

In terms of the licensing system, we’ve made improvements to the license API to more efficiently check for plugin updates and overhauled the CSS files for better organization and more intelligent asset loading. The easy-to-use user/customer selectors throughout the plugin replace and improve upon “User ID” fields.

And, in response to customer feedback, we’ve removed the phrase “WordPress” from some affiliate-facing screens, as it’s not relevant to affiliates that the program is on WordPress. Additionally, the order description within email notifications now includes the site URL of the store where the purchase was made.

So, what are you waiting for? Update to Version of Solid Affiliate today and take your affiliate program to the next level!