Breakdance Builder Review – A Better WordPress Visual Builder?

Breakdance is making waves in the WordPress ecosystem, emerging as a top contender in the realm of visual builders. With its impressive feature set and modern approach, many WooCommerce store owners are eyeing it as their next go-to platform. But with so many builders out there, each promising to be the ‘best,’ how does Breakdance truly measure up? We’ve taken a deep dive to provide clarity on its offerings, strengths, and potential areas of improvement.

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For those running affiliate-driven stores, particularly with tools like Solid Affiliate, there’s always a curiosity about compatibility and seamless integration. In this review, we touch on this aspect as well, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of what to expect.

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Ease of Use

One of the first things you’ll notice about Breakdance is the sheer intuitiveness of its interface. For those coming from other visual builders, there’s an immediate sense of familiarity. Icons are where you expect them to be, panels and settings are logically laid out, and the drag-and-drop functionality is as smooth as ever.

Yet, Breakdance manages to up the ante. With features like the “modified” button to see all edited styles, tasks that once felt cumbersome are streamlined. The learning curve, even for total beginners, is surprisingly gentle.

While power users will relish the depth Breakdance offers, newcomers won’t feel overwhelmed. It strikes a delicate balance, making it a tool that’s not just powerful but also accessible to many.

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Key Benefits

In the bustling world of website builders, features often become the main battleground where tools vie for supremacy. Breakdance brings to the table an arsenal of functionalities that not only rivals but, in many areas, surpasses the competition. Whether you’re aiming for a simple blog layout or crafting a complex e-commerce platform, these key features ensure that Breakdance stands tall as a comprehensive solution for your web-building needs.

Template Library: Stunning Designs with Conversion in Mind

When it comes to online sales, presentation matters immensely. And while Solid Affiliate focuses on optimizing your revenue streams through affiliate marketing, Breakdance complements this by ensuring your WooCommerce store looks top-notch and is primed for conversion.

Breakdance’s template library is a treasure trove of meticulously designed templates specifically tailored for WooCommerce. These designs aren’t just aesthetically pleasing — they’re crafted with the primary objective of driving sales. Every layout choice, from product displays to checkout pages, is made with user experience and conversion optimization in mind.

Pairing the affiliate traffic generation strategy provided by Solid Affiliate with the conversion-focused designs from Breakdance’s template library ensures that your WooCommerce store not only attracts customers but also nudges them towards making a purchase, effectively boosting your bottom line.

breakdance template library

Breakdance SEO Capabilities: Performance, Speed, and Beyond

When it comes to online visibility, search engine optimization is paramount. Breakdance recognizes this importance and ensures that every website built with its platform is SEO-friendly from the ground up. Websites made with Breakdance are inherently fast, ensuring that they meet one of Google’s primary ranking criteria. This means your content loads quickly, keeping both search engines and visitors happy.

Furthermore, Breakdance is seamlessly compatible with popular SEO plugins like Yoast SEO and RankMath, ensuring that your metadata, sitemaps, and other vital SEO elements are handled efficiently. With Breakdance, you’re not just crafting a visually appealing website; you’re also laying a robust foundation for search engine visibility.

breakdance review - performance & seo

This score on Google PageSpeed Insights, sourced directly from the Breakdance Website Showcase Facebook group, is a testament to the platform’s efficiency. Many group members have shared similar high-performance results, often highlighting their successful transition from other builders like Divi or Elementor. Notably, a common theme among these users is the reduction in the number of plugins required to achieve their site’s objectives when using Breakdance.

Global Styling Controls: Unified Aesthetics

One of the standout features of Breakdance is its robust global styling controls. Anyone who’s worked on extensive website projects knows the challenge of maintaining a consistent look across different pages and elements. With Breakdance, that challenge becomes a thing of the past.

The global styling controls allow you to set default styles for various elements across your entire site. Want all your buttons to have a specific shade and border radius? Or perhaps you want every header to have a uniform font and size? Set it once in the global styles, and it cascades throughout your site. This not only ensures consistency but significantly speeds up the design process.

Moreover, these global styles extend beyond the standard Breakdance elements. If you’re running an online store with WooCommerce, the styles you define will apply there, too, ensuring a seamless brand experience for your visitors. This level of integration and attention to detail makes Breakdance’s global styling controls a real game-changer for website design.

breakdance global settings

Dynamic Data Integration: Harness the Power of WordPress

Dynamic data in WordPress, especially when integrated with plugins like Advanced Custom Fields or MetaBox, has opened up a world of possibilities for site creators. Breakdance taps into this potential seamlessly. Its dynamic data functionalities let you embed database content into your designs with ease.

Whether it’s showcasing the latest posts, embedding user-specific details, or pulling product information from a WooCommerce store, Breakdance makes it easy. With the visual interface, embedding this dynamic data doesn’t require a deep dive into code. It’s all point, click, and display.

breakdance builder review - dynamic data

Breakdance Mega Menu Builder: Navigate with Precision and Depth

For expansive online stores, the challenge isn’t just about listing products but ensuring that customers can easily find and navigate to them. Breakdance’s Mega Menu Builder is tailored for such intricate needs, especially suited for eCommerce sites with a broad range of products and categories.

A well-structured mega menu can make the difference between a visitor quickly finding what they’re looking for or leaving in frustration. With Breakdance, you can craft detailed menus that guide users deep into your site, showcasing product ranges, featured items, or even seasonal promotions. This isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a strategic move to enhance user experience and drive sales.

For WooCommerce store owners, the value of a robust mega menu can’t be overstated. It allows for efficient navigation, reducing the steps a user has to take to reach their desired product. In the world of online shopping, where every second counts, this streamlined navigation can significantly impact conversion rates.

Advanced Developer Features: Power at Your Fingertips

For the tech-savvy and those who love to tinker under the hood, Breakdance doesn’t hold back. It provides an array of advanced features tailored for developers, ensuring that while it remains accessible for beginners, it’s also a powerhouse for those who delve deeper.

  • Custom CSS: Beyond Breakdance’s visual interface, there might be instances where a unique touch is needed. The custom CSS feature ensures you can inject specific styles, giving you the flexibility to refine and perfect your design nuances.
  • Custom JavaScript: Enhance interactivity or integrate third-party scripts with ease. Breakdance allows for the seamless addition of custom JavaScript, ensuring your site can have those special interactive effects or functionalities.
  • Element Studio: This unique feature stands out, enabling developers to create custom elements for the builder. 
  • Hooks and Filters: Breakdance offers a range of hooks and filters, ensuring adaptability and integration capabilities with custom code.
  • Custom PHP: Breakdance provides the ability to write custom PHP code directly in its interface.

In a nutshell, Breakdance caters to all, but it especially stands out for those who want more. Whether you’re a casual user or a developer ready to deep-dive, Breakdance equips you with the tools necessary to realize your creative and functional aspirations.

Breakdance Form Building: Streamlined and Powerful

Form building is an essential aspect of any website, whether you’re capturing leads, obtaining feedback, or creating detailed surveys. Breakdance truly shines in this area. Unlike the basic form tools found in many builders, Breakdance offers a comprehensive form builder that rivals standalone form plugins.

From simple contact forms to advanced multi-step forms with conditional fields, Breakdance ensures a seamless experience. The integration with various third-party platforms is a big plus, allowing data to be sent to MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, and several others directly.

Additionally, the beauty of Breakdance’s form builder is its adherence to the platform’s global styling. This ensures that, without extra effort, any form you create will be cohesive with your site’s branding, enhancing the professionalism of your pages. In a nutshell, with Breakdance, form creation isn’t just about functionality—it’s about creating forms that look as good as they work.

breakdance forms - review

Popup Builder: Enhance User Engagement and Boost Sales

At Solid Affiliate, our core mission revolves around supercharging your online store’s earnings. While leveraging the strength of affiliate marketing with Solid Affiliate is a cornerstone strategy, another technique not to be overlooked is the power of strategically timed popups.

Breakdance offers a versatile popup builder, allowing you to craft targeted popups that can engage your visitors at the right moments. Whether you’re promoting a limited-time offer, highlighting customer reviews, or simply capturing email leads, the right popup can significantly influence user behavior and increase conversion rates. With Breakdance, you get granular control over popup triggers based on user actions, ensuring your messages are timely and relevant.

Coupling Breakdance’s popup capabilities with the affiliate marketing prowess of Solid Affiliate creates a formidable combination, setting your WooCommerce store on a trajectory for enhanced user engagement and increased sales.

Compatibility with Solid affiliate

We created Solid Affiliate to be the top-tier solution for those wanting to introduce affiliate capabilities to their WooCommerce store. Fortunately, Breakdance and Solid Affiliate gel together without a hitch. All it takes is the utilization of Breakdance’s shortcode element – drop in the Solid Affiliate shortcode, and voila, your affiliate portal is up and running. No weird glitches, no design inconsistencies; it just works flawlessly. The integration is seamless, ensuring that your affiliates have a smooth experience every time they log in.

breakdance + solidaffiliate

WooCommerce Integration

When it comes to building an online store, WooCommerce stands out as the de facto choice for many. Ensuring that your visual builder plays nicely with it is paramount. Breakdance doesn’t just “play nicely” — it elevates the entire WooCommerce experience.

With Breakdance, you’re not just pasting products onto a page. You’re crafting an engaging shopping experience. Product grids, individual product showcases, cart updates, checkout processes — every aspect of your online store can be finely tuned to match your brand and vision.

Moreover, remember those global styles we mentioned earlier? They’re a boon for WooCommerce, too. Define a button style or color scheme and it’s uniformly applied, be it on a ‘Buy Now’ button or a checkout page. This ensures a consistent, professional look across your entire store.

Also, for those who utilize extensions or third-party plugins with WooCommerce, Breakdance offers commendable compatibility. Whether you’re adding subscription functionalities, booking systems, or any other advanced WooCommerce features, Breakdance ensures that your store runs smoothly without sacrificing aesthetics.

breakdance for woocommerce - review

Support, Documentation & Tutorials

On the documentation front, Breakdance offers a plethora of video tutorials that cater to visual learners. These videos cover a broad spectrum, from basic setup to advanced functionalities.

However, when it comes to written documentation, there’s room for improvement, and many of the articles in the written documentation section simply embed a video from the YouTube channel.

While the builder’s intuitive design often reduces the need for a manual, having a comprehensive written guide would be the cherry on top. It’s worth noting that the Breakdance team appears to be making improvements in this area.

While we didn’t dive deep into customer support interactions, the general consensus from the online community, especially within their active Facebook group, suggests that the Breakdance team is responsive and helpful.


Breakdance offers a free version, which is a great starting point for those wanting to dip their toes in. However, the real magic unfolds with their Pro versions.

For a single website, Breakdance Pro is priced at $99.99/year. If you’re an agency or a developer handling multiple sites, the Unlimited Websites plan offers more bang for your buck at $199.99/year, especially with the advertised promotional discount from its ostensible planned $399.99 price tag.

Given its expansive feature set and performance, it presents a compelling value proposition for both individual site owners and agencies.

breakdance builder pricing

Our Conclusion

After diving deep into Breakdance’s capabilities, it’s clear that this builder isn’t just another player in the saturated WordPress landscape — it brings a fresh perspective and an impressive array of features. Its robustness caters not only to the novices looking for an intuitive building experience but also to developers seeking advanced functionalities.

Its compatibility with tools like Solid Affiliate and the strong emphasis on WooCommerce integration make it a prime choice for e-commerce businesses. Meanwhile, the emphasis on global styling, dynamic data handling, and advanced developer features ensures it meets the demands of professional web designers and agencies.

In summary, whether you’re a solo entrepreneur setting up your first site, an established business looking to revamp your online presence, or a development agency handling a diverse client base, Breakdance is poised to be a tool that can adapt to your needs. Our recommendation? Give it a whirl, especially with its free version available, and experience the difference firsthand.

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