Press Wizards, a distinguished digital agency specializing in WordPress development, has been recommending Solid Affiliate to it’s clients. This case study focuses on how Solid Affiliate can be a game-changer for digital agencies looking to enhance their clients’ WooCommerce sites and provide additional value in doing so.

By integrating Solid Affiliate, Press Wizards has streamlined the affiliate marketing process for their clients, making it more efficient and user-friendly. As Rob Marlbrough, founder of Press Wizards, says, “Solid Affiliate is the best affiliate plugin for WooCommerce, and I’ve used them all. We recommend it to all our WooCommerce clients!” Rob’s endorsement is doubly valuable since he owns a company that professionally manages WooCommerce stores. As a WordPress developer, I know what it’s like to decide on a plugin to recommend to a client. It’s twice as stressful as using a plugin on my own sites since any issues with the plugin will come back to bite me in the form of support hours or loss of faith in my recommendation.

WordPress developers and agencies trust Solid Affiliate and can feel confident in recommending it to their clients. We expand on this point quite a bit here in this article: Do you have WooCommerce clients? Show them Solid Affiliate, they’ll love you for it.

Solid Affiliate’s ease of setup and use has made it a preferred choice for Press Wizards. Its fully automated setup and native integrations with WooCommerce make it simple and easy for non-technical clients to use and love. We hope Press Wizard’s testimonial is a compelling example for other digital agencies to consider Solid Affiliate a reliable, efficient solution for growing their clients’ WooCommerce businesses.