The story behind Solid.

Get to know the team and philosophy backing Solid Affiliate.

We build solid products that make our customers happy

Our team has set out to raise the bar on WordPress software.

In 2018 the seed which eventually grew into Solid Plugins was planted. After nearly a decade of building software products for large companies – including Google – our founder set his sights on WordPress. At the time, it seemed as if most WordPress products were lacking the quality and attention to detail that was commonplace in other industries.

The team at Solid Affiliate knew that WordPress was only growing, and we felt confident in our ability to build great products: proven over years working with Fortune 500 companies. Our team could build quality products while keeping wasted expenses low.

So we set a few very ambitious goals and got to work. Two years later, we launched Solid Affiliate.

Solid Affiliate is our flagship WordPress product.

Our team launched Solid Affiliate in 2021. Solid Affiliate is a WordPress plugin which adds an affiliate marketing program to the store it’s installed on.

Solid Affiliate solves a specific problem well. It’s also reliable, easy to use, fairly priced…and our customers are happy. These were all goals which we hoped to accomplish back in 2018.

The decision to take our time and build out the product for years before launch is paying off. Now we can really see the fruits of our labor: adding a new feature¬†is¬†faster than we thought possible, our thousands of internal software tests catch bugs before our customers do, and we’re blowing by the competition and their legacy software.

“Solid Affiliate is a company founded by competitive engineers. Our plan is to build rock-solid products so efficiently that the other players cannot compete with us in the long run.”
Mike Holubowski, Founder of Solid Affliate

Every day we’re thankful for our customers. We pledge to continue building solid products, listen to and act on feedback from our customers, and work to positively impact the future of WordPress.

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Solid Affiliate is available for download without any extra premium addons or hidden fees. We offer straightforward, all-inclusive pricing.